Diesel Land Cruiser Information

It is our opinion that classic diesel Toyota Land Cruisers place in a unique intersection of luxury, utility and quality.

After we imported our first truck, we quickly discovered that our prospects are far more interesting and complex than our Land Cruisers. A sample cross section includes: Off-Road enthusiasts, overlanders, rare car collectors, survivalists seeking solar flare or EMP resistant vehicles, biodiesel enthusiasts looking for alternative WVO conversion projects …just to name a few. We usually spend more time researching our client’s hobbies and needs than we do providing information about our diesel Toyota Land Cruisers.

We created this section of the website to provide as much information as possible for anyone considering a diesel Land Cruiser.

Please note: We’re actively contributing to this section. If you are a retailer who would like to be listed here or an enthusiast who’d like to suggest content please email info@jdmlandcruisers.com. or call 201.743.8166

40 Series Toyota Land Cruiser

40 Series Toyota Land Cruiser JDM Diesel

The iconic 40 Series diesel Toyota Land Cruiser was offered as a short-wheel base (SWB) BJ40/41 model and mid-wheel base (MWB) BJ44/46 model in the Japanese Domestic Market (JDM). Because of rusting issues, it is difficult to find original early examples of these diesel Land Cruises. In our experience, it seems that the majority of rust-free 40 Series diesel Toyota Land Cruisers in Japan have undergone extensive restoration and are priced accordingly. Click Here for more 40 Series Toyota Diesel Land Cruiser Information & Resources

60 Series Toyota Land Cruiser

60 Series JDM Diesel Toyota Land Cruiser BJ61

The 60 Series Land Cruiser was introduced in 1980 to meet the growing demand for recreational vehicles that had a feel of a passenger car/station wagon. The resulting Land Cruiser offered a larger body size which could compete with other popular contemporary vehicles, a softening of the suspension for a more comfortable ride and introduced luxuries such as electric moon roof, high roof, rear passenger heater, and remote control mirrors. Click Here for more 60 Series Toyota Diesel Land Cruiser Information & Resources

70 Series Toyota Land Cruiser

70 Series JDM Diesel Toyota Land Cruiser BJ73

The 70 Series Land Cruiser was built to replace the iconic 40 Series Land Cruiser. Like the 40 Series, Toyota offered a wide range of 70 Series models to suit consumer needs around the world. The 70 Series was designed to be a heavy-duty off road vehicle. It is built on a heavy duty ladder frame and utilizes leaf springs. A lighter-duty version of the 70 Series (called the Prado or Land Cruiser II) is built on a lighter duty frame with a coil spring suspension and is fitted with a different family of diesel and gas engines. Click Here for more 70 Series Toyota Diesel Land Cruiser Information & Resources

Toyota Land Cruiser Tech Resources, Guides & Manuals

General Diesel Toyota Information including Models and History: Brian McCamish maintains a website called www.brian894x4.com with links, specs and history about Toyota trucks that were not available in the United States.

Slee Off-Road is a specialty shop located in Colorado dedicated to outfitting late model Toyota off-road vehicles. In addition to offering a full line of products and accessories, they have created a “Newbie Guide” to purchasing a Land Cruiser.

The Wagon Way is a blog by two off road enthusiasts based in the Pacific Northwest. They have two diesel Toyota BJ61 and have detailed many of their repairs & mods here on their blog.

We are currently assembling a collection of YouTube videos related to diesel Land Cruiser maintenance and repair. Included below are some examples

Toyota Land Cruiser Parts and Accessories

Basic service parts such as filters, bulbs, hoses, belts, breaks, etc can be purchased from a neighborhood NAPA or auto parts store. We intend to compile a list of part numbers and will post shortly.

The following is a list of auto parts dealers/recyclers that focus on Land Cruisers:

Specter Off-Road offers a wide selection of Land Cruiser parts & accessories. You can check out their website here.

CruiserParts offers new, used, reconditioned & rebuilt, Land Cruiser parts. You can check out their website here

EBI Cruiser Parts: specializing in Toyota Land Cruiser parts, 4×4 Accessories, custom fabrication and service. You can check out their website here

G&S Cruiser Parts: Suppliers of JDM and Canadian Toyota Land Cruiser Parts and a rotating selection of parts vehicles. You can check out their website here

Searching CraigsList can be tedious. Some suggestions are to expand your search geographically and include possible misspellings.

Toyota Land Cruiser Enthusiasts, Social, Groups & Meet Ups

IH8MUD Forum is a tremendous resource for all things related to Land Cruisers.

Expedition Portal is a community of adventure travelers.

Blogs | Podcasts | Misc

Lost World Expedition Lacey and Luis are exploring the world in a 1987 Toyota Land Cruiser diesel conversion.

Land Cruising Adventure Karin-Marijke and Coen have been on the road since 2003 in their Toyota Land Cruiser BJ45

The 4 x 4 Podcast Dan & Craig cover news, interviews, tech tips, gear reviews and events.

Jim Beaver’s Down & Dirty Off-Road Radio Show covers all news and current events in off-road racing and action sports.

Everything FJ60 Enthusiast maintained blog about 60 Series Toyota Land Cruisers.

GRAB A WRENCH: GRAB A WRENCH – Offroad Parts, Gear, Trucks, and Events.

Off Road Nation fun (free) off-road app we catch ourselves playing way too often.

In addition to vintage trucks, we own and are interested in motorcycles. Here are some moto related mentions:
The Pace Podcast James and Chris host a general interest motorcycle related podcast.

The Wheel Nerds Podcast Chuck and Todd host an unpredictable motorcycle related show.

Cleveland Moto Phil is a Cleveland based shop owner who, with his friends, talk about vintage motorcycles, offer tech tips and information.

Moterrific.com Hosts Joanne and Christi talk about motorcycles, offer gear reviews and industry interviews.

Cafe Racer Podcast Hosts Crash & Guzzi Steve talk about cafe motorcycles, gear and the scene.